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q: where am i ?
a: you´re on the homepage of clan maschowas - a multiplayer gaming clan.
q: are u guys so called "pro-gamers" ?
a: no, we´re just a few people, playin´ together 4 fun.
q: what games do u play ?
a: it depends... some of our members are just playin´ one or two games. other one´s play every crappy annoying game there is (just my opinion - god is thinking different about it ;) we mostly play counterstrike.
q: so u´re an internet clan ?
a: no, we play both, internet and lan. we started playing in lan and for the most of us it´s more fun playin´ in lan with low pings and no cheaters :) even some of us don´t have an internet connection at all :(
q: what is the meaning of "maschowas" ?
a: it´s a german shortcut for the question "marsch oder was ?" i still don´t get any translation of "marsch" so i can simply tell u, that it´s a place we´re meeting, especially in the summer. alltogether it simply means "are we meeting in the marsch or do u got any other ideas what to do now ?"
q: are u supported by any sponsors ?
a: no, but if u know any companys willing to support us - let us know :)
q: where do u come from ?
a: our members mostly live in germany, near bremen
q: can i join u ?
a: ask god, he´ll test ur skills. after that, we´ll decide together if u can join.
q: at last: why are u always typing in small letters ?
a: i´m the laziest person on earth :)
 by [mow]mad - 16.10.2002