22.08.2003 back from LS5
jo, waren letztes weekend auf der lanasutra 5 - da gibbet sicher auch bald ein paar bilder, unser abschneiden in den einzelnen turnieren will ich hier mal nicht erwähnen *lol* waren auch leider wenig mow´ler dabei *schnief* nächstesmal wirds bestimmt bessa *g* -> visit www.lanasutra.de

11.01.2003 /me leavin´
nein nein, ich werde [mow] nicht verlassen, da es mehr als ein clan ist ^^ - da wir aber im internet quasi inaktiv sind, werde ich von nun an bei -=TFD=- im internet zocken und bei [mow] nurnoch im LAN.
mal so nebenbei: liest überhaupt wer diese news ? :)

31.12.2002 last news in 2002
happy new year to all of you. may the force be with ya in 2003 *g

29.12.2002 ebay rulez *g
the guys at ebay finally sold a small village to an unknown person. look here

25.12.2002 clanwar
postet the funwar vs. [The-Gun] (no it wasn´t really fun *g*)

24.12.2002 x-mas
i hope all of u recived many presents *g* merry x-mas ! we also played a mixed 4on4. report will be online soon.

16.12.2002 lanwar etc.
not much to say for now. we made a training with -=TFD=- and i uploaded a report and pcis from an internal 2on2 (LAN). maybe we´re going to rent a server but we´ll see what future brings...

04.12.2002 update....
yeeehaaa theems to me that everything is working fine... it just looks like crap *g. i added the training vs. -=TFD=- and a 1on1 funwar. next train is today @20:3o CET and i think the lineup will be: god, hades, marsupilami, monte, mad.

25.11.2002 news :)
i added the new intro and finally postet the report of our training with TFD. the chat and the forum should be avaliable in a few min :) and i also added a new link. that´s all i got... have phun

21.11.2002 internz.de
clanintern is out of race - internz is another clansys. so we´ll get the java chat working... stay tuned 4 more features !

20.11.2002 training
the training started @20:30 CET and we played de_dust and de_prodigy. report tomorrow. thx 4 train -=TFD=-

13.11.2002 training
[mow] and -=TFD=- agreed to make a training every wednesday at 20:30 CET on the -=TFD=- server (IP: please visit their page @ http://www.clan-tfd.com

12.11.2002 wars added
i added some of our old funwars to the wars section (avaliable @ team -> wars)

11.11.2002 birthday !
finally [mow]jordey reached the age of 21. now he´s allowed to drink in the states :) nice, huh ?

10.11.2002 new detonator drivers avaliable
version 40.72 is now out and WHQL certified. dl @ www.nvidia.com

07.11.2002 funwar won
it´s done - the result is 16:12 (t-wins) gg -=TFD=- and maybe we´ll have some nice wars in the near future (i hope so)... for more infos and pics (german text) look @ team -> wars -> infos

07.11.2002 funwar
no time to sleep anymore :) we´re going to play against clan tfd in a friendly war @ 20:30 CET on their server (

04.11.2002 back from lanasutra IV !
we´re back from the lan. a review will follow soon, but alltogether i can say it was a great weekend at all. no problems withe network, power or other ppl. gj lanasutra-team !

31.10.2002 homepage launch
it´s done... not already, but most of the stuff is done and the next lan is tomorrow. i have to put some sh** online for the ppl who wanna see it (k monte ?) *g

23.10.2002 homepage
the design is ready to launch, but unfortunately most of the content isn´t ready yet. i hope it´ll be done in during the next days. a new guestbook wold be cool, and the java chat isn´t working, too. i´ve got a lot to do...